FAQs - Brimma Solar

Does Solar Work in the PNW?

Absolutely! While the Pacific Northwest may have shorter hours of daylight and cloudier weather in the winter, there are several advantages to solar energy in Washington:

  • Solar panels perform more efficiently in cooler climates and our long, sunny summer days are ideal for solar production
  • WA state also has some of the best solar incentives in the country.  Through net metering, solar owners can build credits with their utility in the summer when they produce more energy than they need to use in the winter to offset lower output

How Long Will My System Last?

System longevity depends on climate conditions and the quality of modules installed, but typically in the PNW you can expect your modules to last up to 50 years or more thanks to our moderate climate.  Our WA-sourced modules and micro-inverters are designed for the PNW and come with a 25 yr warranty.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranties, Brimma Solar stands behind our work with a 5-year workmanship warranty for our solar installations.

What is the Environmental Impact of Solar?

Going solar is a great way to impact the environment in a positive way. Investing in solar helps to reduce your fossil fuel consumption for 50 years or more thanks to the longevity of solar systems in the PNW, and the total impact of its greenhouse gas offset is greater than planting an entire forest of trees. Although WA state is a leading renewable energy producer, 25% of our energy still comes from nonrenewable sources, which produce hundreds of pounds pollutants and greenhouse gases that harm both human health and the environment we live in.

Do My Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

A solar system has no moving parts, so no maintenance should be necessary.  Keeping your panels clean, however, will affect production. Rain is usually sufficient to keep panels clean throughout the year for solar owners in WA, but it’s a good practice to check your panels annually and clean if needed during the summer

If an issue ever does arise with your system, we will come out and fix the issue under our 5-year workmanship warranty

Will Solar Panels Work on My Roof?

We do our best to accommodate any roof, steep or flat, tile, wood, or shingle.  All roofs can be installed with solar, but your roof type may impact the cost.  Different roofing materials require different installation methods and this can add time to your install to ensure that your system is properly mounted.  If your roof will need to be replaced during the next 2-3 years we recommend that it be replaced before scheduling your solar installation.  We also offer raised, ground-mounted solutions if your roof is not ideal for a solar installation.

Will Panels Harm my Roof?

No. In fact, they will help serve to protect your roof from weathering and keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  We use a wind and weather-resistant, hurricane-rated mounting system that will not corrode, warp, or break your roof and will not cause leaks.

Does Solar Affect my Home’s Value?

Yes, and in a good way!  According to this 2011 study by the US Department of Energy, any home improvement that lowers electricity bills by $1000 annually will increase a home’s value by about $20,000