Process – Brimma Solar

The Solar Process

#1 Evaluation

Personal Consultation – A professional solar expert will schedule an appointment to meet with you in your home and consult with you to determine your energy needs, survey your property, and estimate your system cost. Our goal is to accurately inform all our clients on the benefits and costs of solar and we aim to make this is a personalized, no-pressure educational session. We invest in meeting each and every one of our clients personally to make sure all their questions are answered and all expectations are addressed.

Site Assessment – A Brimma Solar engineer will visit your home to assess solar panel layout, roof angle, ground space and shading. Every home is different and we carefully survey every property to ensure that we offer you the best solar system configuration.

#2 Planning

System Design – Our engineering design team will create a custom solar solution tailored to your home’s energy needs and site assessment findings. We do our best to accommodate all of your needs and advise you on the best option for your energy and investment goals.

Incentives & Permitting – Once the proposed system design agreement is signed, Brimma Solar will submit the applications for all rebates and production incentives available. Brimma Solar will also prepare and submit the paperwork for utility and local permitting.

#3 Installation

1-Day Installation – We want our clients to start experiencing the benefits of solar as soon as possible and our experienced install team can typically set up your system in one day or less, depending on the project scope. Our team prides itself in courtesy and professionalism, arriving on time, working safely, and respecting your property. We make sure to leave everything as it was- except for the addition of a fully functional solar system!

Once the installation is complete, Brimma Solar schedules building, electrical, and utility inspections for you. We also deliver a customer care package to all our clients, which includes as-built drawings, warranties, helpful tax resources, and more.


And That’s It!
In just three steps, Brimma Solar can quickly and effortlessly make you a proud, new solar owner. After installation, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the solar savings. You’ll be thanking yourself come tax day when you can claim your solar deduction and you can feel good about the legacy you’re leaving on the environment by having invested in clean energy.

Think you’re ready to go solar? Give us a call or send us an email and our solar specialists can help you get started!