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Refer a Friend
Make Money & Make A Difference

We need more people who value clean energy and are ready to invest towards a sustainable future. Brimma is committed to spreading the word about the benefits of solar energy and we need your help! Even getting one referral doubles your carbon footprint reduction.

How Much I Can I Earn?

For each referral you make, you can earn up to $500 in a rebate from Brimma! There is no limit on the number of friends/family that you can refer, so start spreading the word today and help to expand renewable energy in WA!

How Do You Participate?

We offer a savings rebate to all our clients who tell friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about solar energy solutions with Brimma Solar. Just pass on their contact information in the form below or give us a call and you’ll both be on your way to a check in the mail.

We Thank You For Your Referral