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Solar Installers in Washington State

Brimma makes it easy to switch to a solar energy system. We’re solar installers in Washington State who offer end-to-end services. We’ve already helped thousands of local families and businesses make the transition to clean energy. Once you understand all the reasons why solar is the smarter choice, Brimma Solar will be here for you.

We install solar arrays for both residential and commercial clients. It starts with a free estimate from us that’s all information and no pressure. When you’re ready, we’ll take care of everything with our team of professional journeyman electricians and mechanical installation specialists.

Choose the better renewable energy solution. Choose the solar installers in Washington State that can help you save the planet—and save you money. Call for a free consultation today!

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Why Solar?

Over its lifetime, the CO2 emissions offset of a solar system is equivalent to the impact of planting an entire forest of trees.


With the 30% Federal Tax Credit and generous state incentives, solar has never been more affordable! As well as saving on your utility bill.

Sustainable Investment

Going solar yields savings for decades to come, adds value to your home, and passes on a legacy of renewable energy.


The design of your system, permitting process, financing and single-day installation and more, all taken care of by us at Brimma Solar.

An Average National Solar System Offsets about 4.7 Tons of Carbon Dioxide A Year

That's Like:
An Average Brimma Solar System Offsets about 4.7 Tons of Carbon Dioxide A Year
Thats Like:
Planting 84 Trees & Had Them Grow For Over 10 Years
Charging 650,000 Cell Phones
Eliminating The Need to Burn 2.8 Tons of Coal
12,500 Miles In A Family Car
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